Railway Updates

2019/03/17 NEWS!

I am officially launching Beresford Vale!

Have a look see!

2018/05/28 Youtube video!

A bit of news! Don't worry, I am keeping my layout, I have a pendolino to run! But I'm starting something new

2018/03/18 Youtube video!

A proper intro into the features of randomisemytrain

2018/02/25 Youtube video!

A layout update, some stock and a little scenic update too!

2018/01/15 Youtube video!

A layout update, some stock, some tools and a mixed era running session!

2017/12/28 Website update!

I have finally updated the roster page so that you can scroll to the next loco using the arrow keys!

2017/12/24 Youtube video!

A layout update, some stock and a little running session!

2017/12/11 Youtube video!

A layout(?) update, plenty of stock and a little running session!

2017/07/10 Youtube video!

A layout update, rolling stock works, new stock etc etc!

2017/03/15 Youtube video!

A layout update, plenty of stuff!

2017/02/17 Youtube video!

A mikes mini, this time, building up the Mills Lane Siding kit

2017/02/06 Youtube video!

A mikes mini covering 08 600 IVOR by Graham Farish

2017/02/04 Youtube video!

I have major news. I have now created a new website/tool to help with running sessions!
randomisemytrain.com is now open for pulbic use! it's possibly still BETA rather than fully featured, I have plans for further improvements, but need feedback on what's there already! Please let me know what you think via email or via the ngauge forum. Eitherway, please have a play and see if you think you could use it!

2017/01/12 Youtube video!

A new purchase, and Yes I'm still alive!


I have updated the two models on E-rail. Both the low res and high res versions of the brake tender wagon have had the panelling removed and the buffers strengthened. The high res has had a couple of other changes incoorporated to solidify it slightly after some constructive feedback from a purchaser!

Loco Roster

w-100 loco-image"

Lower Wordsworth

Schematic of the layout

Story behind the layout

In the BR blue days after rationalisation this line was decidedly useful for its' freight volume, with a couple of factory sidings taking in a variety of different loads from palleted goods to road stone, steel and coal on occasion too. The yard usually gets a class 08 for the busier times and therefore has fueling facilities.

Of course with such a busy pair of sidings, the surrounding neighbourhood had plenty of life for the factory workers and families originally and is now experiencing a bit of urban growth with the advent of the commuter trains.

Indeed the local station serves passengers to the local city terminus as the line can also be used as a bypass for the mainline tracks making way for expresses and through trains. This local line also serves as the main line when engineering works are required or if the line is blocked by a disabled train.

Usually then you will see regular freight workings to and from the sidings as well as passing freight trains for important loads that can't wait the night. There are slow and semi-slow passenger trains that pass down this line usually serving this busy little hub, but not always. On rare occasions you might see diverted HSTs or even assisted electrics. This line has not yet been electrified although there is plenty of talk around the matter with major commuting lines around england being electrified.

Beresford Vale

Schematic of the layout

Story behind the layout

A terminus on the welsh border. I'm not sure which side, no one is, it doesn't really matter. The area has an MOD base nearby big enough to warrant weekly supply trains. It is also a yard for nearby industrial estates therefore getting a regular speedlink train also. Sometimes cement, sometimes pallet freight, othertimes steel loads pass through. A run around loop is provided for these trains as the factories etc. that use the goods are back up the line and using Beresford Vale to run around is easier. It also serves as a DMU siding next to the station which is large enough for 4 carraiges.

There used to be another line into beresford vale but that was lifted as not profitable, remnants can still be seen today.